Cancer is the second leading cause of death

The sooner we detect cancer, the better chance we have to cure it.

Unlike other diseases, there is no single identifiable symptom or sign, nor test that can alert healthcare professionals to a potential cancer diagnosis. Recognizing the barriers and complexities to early cancer detection, C the Signs uses an evidence-driven approach to determine a patient's risk of cancer at the earliest and most curable stage of the disease.

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Cancer is time sensitive

At the early stages when the cancer is localized, cure rates are as high as 90%. However, at the later stages, when the cancer has spread, survival can drop significantly to less than 30%.

Each month a cancer diagnosis is delayed, the risk of death increases by 10%

With over 200 types of cancers that can present anywhere in the body, at any age, with any combination of signs, symptoms or risk factors, cancer is extremely difficult to recognize in the early stages.

Over 85% of cancers are diagnosed in patients experiencing symptoms, yet a failure to recognize these signs early leads to delays in diagnosis, the spread of disease and poorer outcomes.

Mortality due to cancer treatment delay

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C the SignsTM can detect over 50 different types of cancer, in the following categories:


Upper GI







Lower GI

Head and Neck



Brain and CNS cancer

Cancer of unknown primary


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