The most intelligent way to cure cancer.

A cancer prediction system that finds cancer at the earliest, most curable stage – improving survival and helping people live longer, healthier lives.

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Improving earlier cancer detection

“The rate of cancer detection in primary care in C the Signs sites improved significantly compared to the rest of the region, representing diagnostic stage shift in C the Signs sites.”

C the SignsTM Cancer Prediction System

C the Signs is a cancer prediction system that can identify patients at risk of cancer at the earliest and most curable stage of the disease.

In under 30 seconds, C the Signs can rapidly identify which cancers a patient is at risk of and recommend the most appropriate test or specialist to diagnose their cancer.

Using the latest technology, research and evidence, C the Signs enables healthcare providers to give their patients the best chance of surviving cancer.

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From birth to old age, C the Signs takes an integrative approach to a cure. From cancer prevention, screening, point-of-care cancer assessment and surveillance, C the Signs will be there for every step of a patient’s journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Committed to diversity and inclusion, C the Signs tackles inequalities in racial outcomes, and barriers to access for patients in rural communities, and reduces the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.

We’re removing inequalities in cancer survival

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