From Smoke to Hope: The Promise of the Tobacco and Vapes Bill

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Apr 18, 2024

We stand at a pivotal moment in public health history as the Tobacco and Vapes Bill has recently had its second reading in Parliament. This groundbreaking legislation will protect future generations from the devastating effects of smoking.

In a significant step towards creating the first smoke-free generation, children turning 15 this year, or younger, will never be legally sold tobacco. The age of legal sale will also be raised by a year, each year, to prevent future generations from ever starting smoking, because there is no safe age to smoke.

Given that four out of five smokers begin before they turn 20, despite being well aware of the risks, and then struggle with addiction for life, often despite attempts to quit, focusing on the younger generation and preventing them from starting is likely the most effective strategy. It is reported that 75% of smokers would choose not to start if they had the chance again.This Bill aims to prevent such regrets for future generations.

Despite widespread misconceptions, smoking remains the number one preventable cause of death, ill health and disability in the UK, claiming 80,000 lives annually, including a quarter of cancer deaths each year. Tobacco is extremely harmful, with the recent Bill highlighting that no other consumer product kills two out of three of its long-term users when used as intended.

This Bill is set to prevent up to 470,000 cases of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and other lung diseases by 2100, saving thousands of lives.

The Bill also tackles the issue of vapes. While many people know that vapes do not contain tobacco, fewer realise that they do contain nicotine, a highly addictive drug when inhaled. The number of children using vapes has tripled in the past three years, with many becoming dependent, particularly with regular use, due to the addictive nature of nicotine. The Bill underscores our  duty to protect children from these harms, proposing bans on disposable vapes and regulations on flavours, displays and packaging.

We encourage us all to stay informed as this Bill progresses through Parliament and to come together to support this critical legislation in any way we can to pave the way for a healthier future for all.

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