C the Signs Joins Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate Program

Charlotte Beames
Nov 20, 2023

C the Signs is thrilled to announce that we have been accepted onto the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate program.

The platform grants us access to more than 10 million longitudinal, de-identified patient records, enabling us to analyze the impact and benefit of C the Signs on patients in the United States. We are excited to validate our AI model's effectiveness and its potential to improve the lives of countless patients through earlier and more rapid cancer diagnoses.

C the Signs has demonstrated a sensitivity of over 98% for detecting cancer within the UK population. We are now excited to be collaborating with the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate Platform, where we aim to replicate these results and assess the sensitivity within the US population. The primary objective of C the Signs is to identify patients at the early, more treatable stages of cancer. This collaboration provides us with an exciting opportunity to leverage the extensive dataset available on both population and individual levels. By analyzing this comprehensive data, we can gain deeper insights into how patients across various demographics present with early-stage cancers. This invaluable information will support us to further improve early cancer detection and ultimately patient outcomes.

"Our partnership with Mayo Clinic Platform gives us access to a wealth of insight from one of the most innovative health institutions in the world. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Mayo to further the development of our cancer detection AI and showcase C the Signs’ impact on finding cancer as early as possible." - Greg Joondeph-Breidbart, CTO at C the Signs.

"These companies are at the forefront of healthcare innovation, and we are excited to work with them to accelerate their groundbreaking solutions. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of patients around the world." - Jamie Sundsbak, partner relationship manager at Mayo Clinic Platform. We are equally thrilled to work with the dedicated, innovative, and patient-centric team at the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate program!

To hear more about this exciting venture from our CEO, Dr. Bea Bakshi, watch this video.

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