AI Cancer Prediction Study Shows 93% Accuracy Rate

Nov 10, 2023

Research into the accuracy rate of an AI cancer prediction platform has revealed that a correct cancer type risk was detected in 93% of cases in what could be a major step towards increasing early diagnoses.

The study of 100,000 patients, which is set to be released in full in the coming months, aimed to evaluate the accuracy of C the Signs in predicting cancer origin for patients in a real-world setting.

C the Signs is a clinical platform integrated with electronic health records (EHR) that uses artificial intelligence to help identify patients at risk of cancer.

Early analysis of the findings concluded that a cancer prediction platform such as C the Signs can be used to accurately detect tumor origin in patients with vague symptoms and facilitate targeted investigations appropriate to the tumor type.

The findings were presented at an oral presentation made at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Quality Care Symposium in Boston on Saturday 28 October.

Dr Bea Bakshi, Co-founder of C The Signs said: “We were delighted to present the initial findings of our study, which has shown promising results for the effectiveness of our C the Signs AI technology.

“Our technology is already being used by over 10,000 healthcare professionals, and while further research is required to identify which cancers can be most accurately detected taking a computational approach, we are very optimistic about these initial findings and firmly believe that they could revolutionise the way cancer risk is assessed in the future.”

Used by PCPs during a point-of-care assessment, C the Signs analyses the symptoms the patient presents with, alongside clinical data in the EHR, to identify current cancer risk, predict the tumor site of origin, and recommend the most effective diagnostic or referral pathway.

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